100% Waterproof

BODEN resists spills, air condition and humid temperatures, which makes the product suitable for high moisture. These same properties makes BODEN an optimal solution for every area in your home including laundry room, kitchen and bathroom.

Stain resistant

It is the same UV Layer that makes BODEN resistant to stains. Wine, coffee or other spills must be cleaned right

after they occur, but the product is designed to withstand such accidents without worrying of permanent marks.

Dent and scratch resistant

Under the UV protection comes a heavy wear layer adhered to the rigid core. This helps with its performance ma- king the product apt for commercial use.

Minimal expansion

Its rigid stone composite core provides higher performance and stability. With this advantage, BODEN can be used in places with extreme temperatures.

Boden is the preferred solution for remodeling

• Easy glueless click installation.
• Can be installed directly over existing flooring.
• The product has a lower total thickness than traditional products, which makes adjusting and trimming doors simple.
• Thanks to Its stone composite properties, Boden guarantees a higher level of stability.